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For the safety of both our patients and our staff: 

  • ​We have always worn masks and will continue to do so. We are now using the recommended N-95 masks, chosen because they create a positive seal around the edges, requiring the filtering of any air passing through them.
  • All hygienists wear not only masks, but also full face shields.
  • All staff changes their gowns after each patient. During the day, used gowns are laundered on site to ensure that there is no carryover from patient to patient and that there is always an ample supply of clean gowns.
  • Gloves have always and will always be worn. – All common area surfaces are wiped down regularly at the beginning of the day and throughout the day as patients leave. – It is already standard practice to wipe down treatment rooms after each patient as part of our normal infection control procedures, and we will continue this practice. – Screening questions will be asked of each patient as part of their regular appointment. – Hand sanitizer is available and patients are all asked to use it as they enter the office. – Waiting room no longer offers magazines, children’s toys or other items that cannot easily be cleaned or disinfected.

We appreciate your understanding as we move forward, doing our best to reduce waiting times for you and keep the number of patients in the waiting area to a minimum. Our procedures to keep our office safe, sanitized and a healthy place for you and our staff exceed what has been recommended by OSHA and the ADA, but we feel it is in the best interest of all who enter this office to take these measures. Thank you for helping us in our efforts to heep us all healthy.

We ask, as always, should you need to reschedule your appointment, that you give us 48 hours notice so that another patient may be given the opportunity for an earlier appointmentn time.  Thank you!