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Solution To Protect Your Mouth with Customized Protective Appliances and Mouthguards  

If you will, imagine how traumatic it would be to experience a sudden injury causing you to lose one or more teeth. Now, what if we told you that this was largely preventable? If you or your child participates in any organized sport, they are at an increased risk of oral injury. Traumatic injuries to the mouth can affect their ability to eat, speak, and smile. Athletic mouthguards from Albrecht Family Dentistry are an excellent solution to protect the mouth and minimize the risk of injury. If you are in the West Bend, Wisconsin area, we can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard that will comfortably fit in your child’s mouth. 

Athletic mouthguards for protection 

According to the American Dental Association, athletes are 60 times more likely to experience a mouth injury when they aren’t wearing a mouthguard. A protective mouthguard works by protecting the soft tissue and reducing the chance of trauma to the teeth or jaw. 

Why custom mouthguards are best 

You may be wondering why you need a custom mouthguard from the dentist when you can purchase a basic one at any sports store. Over-the-counter stock mouthguards are typically bulky, less comfortable, and prone to coming loose. Boil and bite guards offer a little better fit, but they still do not provide the exact secure fit as a custom mouthguard. 

At Albrecht Family Dentistry, we can create a custom-fitting mouthguard that will fit securely in your child’s mouth, offering them the highest level of protection. That is especially important for children who have braces or dental appliances as most store options will not fit correctly at all. 

Nightguards for teeth 

In addition to athletic mouthguards, we also offer custom-fitting nightguards which help patients with bruxism. Bruxism is the regular grinding or clenching of teeth during sleep. When left untreated, bruxism can lead to several oral health problems, including worn down enamel, an increase in cavities, cracked teeth, TMJ pain, and migraines. 

Nightguards offer an extra layer of protection against the wear and tear associated with grinding and clenching. There are several benefits to choosing a custom-fitted mouthguard from the dentist. Custom mouthguards will better protect the structures in your mouth and will often last much longer than generic ones bought from the store.

The process for making an athletic mouthguard or nightguard is quick and easy. To learn more about your options, call Albrecht Family Dentistry in West Bend, WI, today at (262) 357-6622.